Monday, January 2, 2023

#1 Automated Income System of 2023: Review

PI 365 Review: Can You Really Make $1,117.05 Daily With This System?

(You can read more and see a free DEMO of the software in action on this page)

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply put, promoting other people's products online for a nice cut of the profits.

From my experience, promoting digital products (like ebooks, software, memberships) is most profitable. 

Since there is no cost to manufacture and distribute the product, the commissions can be as high as 75% (sometimes recurring!).

How Much Can You Make?

I have personally made $10,000/mo PASSIVE INCOME, with my highest month averaging $20,000USD... which is basically chump change compared to what this guy makes:

That's Shawn Josiah, one of Clickbank's Top Affiliates, who has generated 10+ MILLION in online profits (more about him later).

Well that's great, but...

There's still a question of: 

  • what to promote, 
  • how to set up websites, 
  • how to collect emails, 
  • how to write the winning ad, 
  • how to do follow ups, and most importantly... 

This is why MOST PEOPLE fail.

And why others (like myself) have spent $100s, even $1000s testing, tweaking, learning, until they finally see some profit!

But YOU don't have to!

Because today, I'm going to show you a State-of-the-Art Software developed and tested by Mr. Josiah himself, which basically does all of the 'hard work' FOR YOU... 

...automating 95% of the Affiliate Marketing Process, and making it SUPER-EASY for ANYONE TO GET STARTED!

Introducing: Perpetual Income 365

This Plug-and-Play software can automate most of the hard tasks for you, and save you COUNTLESS hours and THOUSANDS of dollars on testing, learning and getting affiliate marketing to work

Here's what you'll get:
  1. 6 Best-Selling Products to Promote
  2. 2 Ready Made Landing Pages, designed by Mr. Josiah and tested by 1000s of successful members (this is the page you will use to collect emails)
  3. 31 Done-For-You Emails That Convert!
  4. A High Quality Traffic Source to bring targeted visitors to your pages (which is actually the hardest part of affiliate marketing)
  5. 24/7 Support (Email and Facebook Members Only Group

Ease of Use:

On a scale of 1-10...11!. All you have to do is insert your links, set up the basic stuff, select your traffic, and wait. Because the system is so easy to set up, members have seen profits in as little as 48hrs!

There are over 400 testimonals from satisfied members. You can see more on this page.

The Price?


I am not joking.

You get to test drive for just $9!

If and only IF you MAKE MONEY with PerpetualIncome365 in the first 14 days, you can choose to extend your membership and you will be charged a $47 monthly fee.

(You will also need an additional $23-$40 if you're running paid solo ads, or you can just start off with free classified sites and social media groups and avoid this additional charge.

If you want to run solo ads (recommended) you can Sign Up through This Link to get a $5 start-up bonus, so that additional charge becomes $18-$35)

That's it! 

Even if the system doesn't work for you, you get the $9 refunded!

(Or read more and see a video demo on this page)